MYCS - Model Yacht Club Switzerland 


Several clubs gather the majority of RC sailing enthusiasts in Switzerland. Mainly to race and train, but sometimes also to build new boats (or repair them...) in the club workshop.

RCSTU - RC Sailing Team Untersee

The RC Sailing Team Untersee was founded on 1 May 2009 for the purpose of organising the first European Championship of the RG65 class in Switzerland. Even before that, local RC sailing enthusiasts had a share in the popularity of the RG65 class and jointly developed new technical solutions to further develop these 65cm long RC sailboats. Today, the RG65 class is still the foundation of the RCSTU and the club is the "centre" of this class in Switzerland.

The RCSTU has just over 20 active members and is a regular organiser of national and international RC sailing regattas. In the club, the SPORT of RC sailing is pursued with as much enthusiasm as the HOBBY. Members and new interested people meet weekly to sail together, discuss or build new RC sailing yachts for the next RC sailing regatta.

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RCSZO - RC Sailing Zürich- & Obersee

Since 2020 a club for enthusiastic model sailors from the Lake Zurich & Obersee area. Currently, boats of the DF65, DF95 and IOM classes are represented in the club. Other classes are of course welcome. From the beginning of May to the end of August, we organise a sailing meeting every two weeks on Fridays at our regular sailing spot and in the winter months the "Seglerhöck".

We meet spontaneously when there is wind at different places to sail, take part in regattas and meet at the Höck.

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Other places, see the RCSZO Website

ASK - Aargauischer Schiffsmodellbau-Klub

Club of model boat builders in Baden (AG), active in motor boat models and remote controlled sailboats.

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MSCB - Modell-Schiffbau-Club Basel

The association was founded in 1955 to promote model boat building in the Basel region and currently has 90 members. The members meet on the last Friday of the month, with the exception of the summer break, for a cosy get-together. The latest information on the model ship building scene is exchanged, technical papers are presented and dates from Switzerland and abroad are announced.

At the regular, free meeting on Tuesday evenings, at the Grün 80 pond in Münchenstein, we enjoy sailing together. The aim is to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to spend pleasant hours together.

Mainly we build functional models with electric and steam engines. In terms of sailing, 3 people can be found at national and international sailing regattas as well as organising regattas in Switzerland.

The lake in the Grün 80 is very shallow, i.e. for sailboats with a draft > 0.5m there is not enough water for the keel.

Website MSCB

MBCT - Modell Boot Club Thun

Club of model boat builders in Thun (BE), active in motorboat models and remote-controlled sailboats.

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MYCSB - Modèle Yacht Club Saint-Blaise

Founded in 1974, the club currently has about thirty members who are very active in RC sailing, as well as a less represented "Propeller" section. Three classes of R/C sailboats animate the club: the Marblehead, the Multi 2M and more recently the DF 95.

In addition to the Saturday sailings that take place almost all year round, the club also has a workshop where dreams are created, ideas are exchanged and new boats take shape.

The club is lucky enough to be able to sail on 2 different stretches of water depending on the wind or the number of participants. Many local and national regattas are organised.

Sailing events are always announced on the club website. Come and see us and try a boat if you feel like it!

Website MYCSB

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Port de Saint-Blaise

Lac du Loclat

VRC du Rosel

The VRC du Rosel was created on 01.01.2020, it is a VRC section of the CVVC (Cercle de voile du Vieux-Chablais), sailing club of Bouveret and representing the Sailing Federation of the Canton of Valais.

The site of the Rosel gully is an exceptional place for the VRC, with wind almost all year round, lots of sunshine and a warm welcome from the local owners. There is also local support from the Western City for subsistence and amenities.

The main classes used are IOM, Marblehead and DF 95, SwissCup heats are organised there as well as a training programme for our members according to a calendar established at the beginning of the season, in the medium term, a "leisure" category and a "progress course" will also be available soon.

Join us to admire and enjoy the constant and often strong wind in this place, for those interested, we also have a few boats on loan to try out, before making a purchase, free of charge.

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